The Fratellis - Henrietta


Katy Carr - Mała Little Flower

Katy Carr's song 'Mała little Flower,' was inspired by Irena Gut Opdyke who was a Polish Catholic girl (b. 1922), who not only saved the lives of twelve Jews by hiding them in the basement of an SS officer's house, but also became an effective resistance fighter with the Polish Partisans, with code name 'Mała' meaning 'little' in Polish. This song is dedicated to the memory of her fiancé Janek Ridel (pseudonym "Mercedes Benz"), who was killed in action the day before their wedding in May 1944.


Zee Avi - Just You and Me

an amazing voice, delight as rose :)


Lake Street Dive - I Want You Back (cover at SiriusXM)

It's amazing how good this blog is. Why? I can already have come back here and listen old good songs! Amazing travel to past. Amazing travel trough music. Good and not good enough in my opinion. I want to share more music now as making a list for myself for future. I hope that I remember how add video here!
let's go!

Tjis girl has an amazing voice! I've listned this music almost 50 times. Tis cover is really good.


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