Audiofeels - Kiss from the rose

Boys from Poznań
they were in Mam Talent and that began their career
slow, they're going to be famous also outside the Poland!
they're singing a capella - without instruments
their instruments are in their mouths
Audiofeels is amazing band, I was on three their concert. On every concert they have sung the same songs, but everytime concert was magic and funny sometimes :D
this energic which flows from the scene... AWESOME!
I welcome you to listen song Kiss from the rose, wich is in my head during few days (I was on their concert on last Sunday)
song from rehersal

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  1. Oh Yeah!
    They are amazing. I was on the four concerts, and every time I was very impressed. Would like to extend concerts for every additional minute. the this their sense of humor can improve my mood. Kiss is a masterpiece, but for me are the best medley Shape and Rise & Fall and copyrights I found a place ;))



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