Emiliana Torrini - Jungle drum

I know this song.
i met her two years ago
it's simple word
with simple melody
but effect is great :)

for Baś


Czajkowski - Taniec Cukrowej Wieszczki

some classical music
wich you have to known
Narnia? Harry Potter?
but I actually remember this song from some ban from tv but...:P


Suzanne Vega - Toms Diner

do you know this song, but you don't know the title?
don't worry, I had the same problem :P

Suzanne is known by this song and Luka
and she born in California


Mamma Mia - Super Trouper

I wasn't here for so long time
because I'm really busy
I don't have time actually to listen music!
 It's terrible but... nom I'm preparing to end of school year for matura's students
and I have to learn song to this end because I'll sing :)
two songs and I'm proud of that

so.. I can't tell you what I'll sing in next friday but you can cross you fingers about me!
 and my group with wich I do all of this end

so.. I'll give you smth from Abba's song but...
I prefer Abba's song from movie "Mamma mia"
 because in that movie they're singing really lively in orginal two girls sing that song really softly..
but... I leave all opinion to you
have a great time right now! :))


Rae Morris - Don't Go

sh's so preety
don't go, don't feel like have to..
probably from Skins series

from uncle's facebook ;)

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

so happy song :))
I'm dancing in my room :)


Elvis Presley - Tutti Frutti

for this easter time
I wish you everything tutti frutti :)


Marzenie mam - Tangled soundtrack

so awesome song :P
I have a wish!
but in polish version


Kalina Jędrusik - Z Kim Ci Będzie Tak Źle Jak Ze Mną

so fuuny song
author: A.Osiecka<- I love her

song from 1960


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