The Beatles - Something

haha,my music blog have year :))
and this is 200 note here :)

so, of course still The Beatles
and something everywhere


The Beatles - Straweberry Fields Forever

apparently they smoked marihuana before record this song in studio :)
so lovely melodies for me :))
everywhere is love and straweberries


The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

really big anthem in this world about love
just listen


The Beatles - Michelle

hello! I welcome you in my 200 post!:D
today's again beatles
you know what?
I got to know this song
in first in karaoke version
and I tried to sing this
but I absolutely didn't now this song before
and now I know this song
and I invite you to listen this :)
have a nice fun :)

for the people doesn't speak french : "Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble, Très bien ensemble." mean the same thing that "These are words that go together well, Together well".

The Beatles - All My Loving

oh God! I forget about them!
that's not good
refresh with Beatles wich I called Bitlesi :P
so so
I will spam there with their song :P
so so
listen this magic music :P


Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

ao ao aaaao!
this piano music remind me something...

they have so big eyes!
strange video...


Kings of Leon - Pyro

because of yesterday
from their the last album Come Around Sundown


Julia Marcel - Shhh

she's new
i discover her because of Karoo's friend
and I thought that she's not pole
but she is
but this song is absolutely great
this screamy voice
she can play at the piano and violin
she lives in Germany
and I invite you to listen this interesting sounds ;)

song from album "June"

Paula&Karol - Calling

The first music video from Paula & Karol's debut album "Overshare" (LADO ABC, 2009). Filmed, edited, and produced by Szymon Pulcyn and Arek Arciszewski. More info about the band at

from Poland
with dedication for Monia ;P


Adele - First Love

so, so true
From album "19"

So little to say
But so much time
Despite my empty mouth
The words are in my mind
Please wear the face
The one where you smile
Because you
Lighten up my heart
When I start to cry

Forgive me first love
But I'm tired
I need to get away
To feel again
Try to understand why
Don't get so close
To change my mind
Please wipe that look
Out of your eyes
It's bribing me
To doubt myself
Simply, it's tiring

This love has dried up
And stayed behind
And if I stay
I'll be alive
Then choke on words
I'd always hide
Excuse me first love
But we're through
I need to taste the kiss
From someone new

Forgive me first love
But I'm too tired
I'm bored to say
The least and I
I lack desire
Forgive me first love (4x)
Forgive me
Forgive me first love (2x)

Beach House - Real Love

ok, song is great
but I still don't know what is real love ;)

from album "Teen Dream"


U2 - With Or Without You

really moving song
and the moment when he welcome this girl to the scene
and they're lying on the floor
and he kiss her at the end
that is probably the best day in this girl life
beautiful song
this song is 25 years old

live in Boston 2001

The Raconteurs - 'Old Enough' (Feat. Ricky Skaggs & Ashley Monroe)

so so
what you gonna do nooow?:P
Jack White with his next project
listen carfellu and maybe you wonder at this wonderful music


Mademoiselle Karen - To Ja Kobieta

She worked with Czesław Śpiewa
and she's playing in the saxophone !
she had released CD wich is really interesting

this song is especially with dedication for every woman in this world!
today's is The Woman's Day
And remember that we're beautifuul and we give lifes!


The Sweet Serenades - Die Young

so so
actually this song was in my head all long today's day
especially this fragment when this woman's singing
so... light and delicate

in information under this music video I read that this was in Grey's Anatomy
so so very good!!!!

so listen this wonderful music

Go Go Dolls - Stay With You

Song with dedication
because today's Peter's birthday!:)
and he sometimes views my musicblog
Happy Birthday:))


Gotye - In Your Light

Gotye - became famos because of song with Kimbra
song from his new album - Making Mirrors
welcom to listen :)


Katy B - Katy on a mission

so strange song
but this song remind me old times
when I was in so much fanatic abut music and searching new songs
Katy B (it's her nickname) - really great voice from Great BRitain
she's from dubstep music family
and she debut in 2011
her first concert in foreign country she played in Poland, in Cracow, so so...
listen her



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