The Subways - We don't need money to have a good time

of course I don't
i just need friends ;)


The Calling - Whenever You Will Go

hmm, romantic song
with romantic lyrics
love love love
who don't need it in ownself life?

I don't steal music from youtube
I just borrow them all
and show other person
It's a crime?

Florence and The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

so so
you probably know that I absolutely love Florence
sometimes I look like she
but, this happen only sometimes :P

so so
dog day are over now!


HEY Unplugged - W imieniu dam

In the ladies' name
so so
try to not call me sweety, ok?


John Butler Trio - One Way Road (live)

oh my God
life is so strange
I prefer actually my loneless

he's so...handsome and talented
I would have this magnificat thing which he plays into the intro
I would...


Muppet Show - Mahna Mahna

the Muppets coming soon in the cinemas
I'll go!
No way, I have to! :)


Paraliż Band - Porywa

reggae climat
so lovely when I'm so happy and melanholic :)


Joss Stone - L-O-V-E

normally this song sings Nat King Cole
but this is cover version
and isn't so bad :P
is faster than orginally version
and I like this

I dedicate this song for two girls
which I sat today in the kitchen in the school
and It was so good to talked about nothing and everything
so so
love :)



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