Shakira ft. Pitbull (english version) - Rabiosa

I have to say Happy New Year
because I won't be there in near time
so so
I add there some good music for dance
and have fun in new year!


Janis Joplin - Piecie of my heart

I'm already reading her biography
she was like a star wich bright and light people didn't see
that's a pity, that she died so fast
there you've got in my opinion her best song
her voice with hoarseness


Michael Bublé - Jingle Bells

Just Merry and Happy Christmas! :)


Maleńczuk&Waglewski - Can't Judge book

great text
music and Maleńczuk of course :P

great message in this song :)
you can't judge me by look at my cover, honey :P


Weezer - Pork and beans

funny video
and each person could say that one time they heard that
so so
weezer - I just et know him
and all I know is that he's good :)


hazmat modine - bahamut

from Pina movie :)
movie o course great
I love dance
all this dance in this amazing movie


Piotr Rubik - Psalm z bukietem konwalii

Piotr Rubik - one of the best composer in Poland
He composed music for Zbigniew Książek's texts
He published 3 albums with song about religion, Bible, Pope and Jesus

this song rying to tell us
what is love actually...
so so
polish song!


Giulia y los Tellarini - Barcelona

this song became famous because she was use in Woody Allen's movie
"Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
sexy, deep voice
and great melody with guitarr :P


Nazareth - Love hurts

If you truly still believe taht love doesn't hurt
so you are jerk
in the world are just a few cases that love could be a happines

in her honor singers created a lots of love songs
rock ballads
wich discribe love
what is love actually?
I don't know
i'm not a specialist
but this song perfectly explains us this feeling


Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I'm so sorry

three twins, which are really tallented
each can play in at least two instruments
and they prefer old music, old style and
they record their music in old eqipments
maybe you will like them?


Zabili mi żółwia - Wiosna

they killed my tourtle - spring
great sounds
punk! (?)


HEY Unplugged - Moogie

this song is a Song of this Day :)!
she didn't want to leave my head


Hey Unplugged - Luli Lali

I fell in love in all the unplugged hey concert
it's smth amazing!
song in new clothes
with violins, trumpets, cellos, accordion,hurdy-gurdy
and tjis amazing man, who's playing on the piano, guitar and sing so lovely...
ahhh! *.*


The Black Keys - Howlin' for You

yeah, yeah, yeah
baby I'm howlin' for you
movie like a trailer
and it's a pity, that this wasn't really movie
so so
she's Howlin' for you



so great and rock song
AC/DC is band wich change the world music
lot of rock and hard songs

so so



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